What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Cutting Edge Healing

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a therapy that uses your own cells to quickly heal and repair. It has been used by plastic and facial surgeons for more that 20 years.  The growth factors in PRP have been shown to help improve skin tone, reduce acne scarring, and to even thicken and regrow hair.  It has most recently been used for surgical tendon repair and for sports-related conditions involving acute muscle injury and chronic tendon problems.  PRP is a small portion of the blood that is composed of a high concentration of platelets, which have the ability to help the body heal itself.

If you have an injury that hasn’t healed, or are looking for an alternative to surgery for either aesthetics or injury, PRP may be the answer you are looking for.

At Elixia Wellness we offer PRP therapies for both aesthetics and injuries. For more information about these therapies, click on the boxes below.


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PRP and Prolotherapy treatments re-initiate healing mechanisms at the specific site of injury by injecting the body’s own growth factors and stem cells,  thereby strengthening joints and surrounding structures . more…


Imagine regenerating your skin with your own body’s chemistry and cells without the use of drugs or artificial products.  PRP is useful for areas where aging has caused sagging and thinning of the skin, puffiness, age spots, and wrinkling. more…

Hair Restoration

PRP is a revolutionary treatment used to regenerate hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma contain proteins and growth factors which help stimulate hair follicle growth, increase circulation to hair follicles and decrease inflammation. more…