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What is Skin Needling?

A microneedle roller (or meso-roller) is a roller with numerous small needles that penetrate the skin layer to:

1.) Stimulate the wound healing process so that it can induce new collagen and elastin.

2.) Create clear routes to increase absorption of PRP

Many clinical studies have proven that microneedling is more effective or as powerful as other methods including laser resurfacing, chemical peels or dermabrasion.

Lasers in general, destroy the epidermis to instigate the natural post traumatic healing reaction. The question, however, should be, “Why destroy the epidermis to achieve smooth skin?”   To attain a smoother, healthy, younger-looking skin with even coloring, we need to promote the proliferation of skin cells naturally.  Skin needling protects the epidermis and stimulates natural collagen synthesis. Combined with the application of platelet rich plasma, the results are longer lasting, less expensive and the healing time is much shorter.

We recommend purchasing a home roller to be used after your PRP treatments. Home rollers are .3mm compared to the 1-1.5mm medical rollers that we use in office. The home roller should be used approximately every other day.

The picture below is from a study using only microneedling.



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