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Kai Herman, ND

Dr. Kai Herman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Oregon in Portland at Elixia Wellness Group. She received her education and clinical training at the National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Herman’s areas of focus include: sports medicine, women’s health and hormones, and anti-aging and aesthetics. Her preferred treatment modalities include: PRP, prolotherapy, IV nutritional therapy, diet and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Herman completed a 1 year post-graduate residency program with an emphasis in sports medicine, pain management & regenerative injection techniques (i.e., Prolotherapy and PRP).


Originally from the Bay Area in California, Dr. Herman received a BA in Psychology and graduated with honors & research credentials from University of California at Santa Barbara, California. She used her degree to work as a mental health counselor with at-risk youth, helping her clients cultivate skill-sets to improve upon their success in the real world.

With a lifelong passion for sports and health, Dr. Herman moved to Portland in 2004 to pursue a career as a Pilates and fitness instructor and certified Nutritional Therapist. Working six years in the wellness industry, she gained experience in injury recovery, weight loss, and health optimization, eventually led her down the path to naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Herman resides in Portland with her 2 children, husband, and dog and spends most of her free time enjoying their company. Time to herself includes, running, soccer, yoga, Pilates, and reading.


Dr. Herman believes the following rules are essential to sustained health and happiness: 1.  Nourish your body with real food, 2. Exercise in a way that makes you happy, 3. Laugh loud and often!

Dr. Herman understands that individuals have differing life goals and circumstances and therefore tailors treatment plans to best meet the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Herman would love to meet with you and offers complimentary, 15-minute visits for prospective patients.

To visit Dr. Herman’s professional website, click here!


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